Anger Not Fantomah! – Black and White


There have been thousands of heroes invented since comic books first started being published. Through some oddities of copyright law, quite a few of those characters have fallen into the public domain. Anyone who wants to may use them in comic (or a movie or a tv series or a breakfast cereal).
Fantomah is, apparently, the first female comic book superhero. Her first appearance was in Jungle Comics #2 (Feb 1940). She’s one of the gloriously weird creations of Fletcher Hanks. She’s a White Jungle Goddess who, when provoked, displays godlike powers. Her body turns blue while her face becomes skull-like. And then she does horrible magical things to her enemies.

Headed Off (2016 Version) – Black and White

This is the second of four images I drew in 1990 as covers for a zine. The zine was either never published or published without my covers. Either way, I’ve forgotten its name.HeadedOff1990In 2010 I scanned all four images for this website. I also redrew the images in my current style and skill level. HeadedOff2010Now, in 2016, I’m redrawing those images again, first as black and white pieces, then adding computer color. HeadedOff2016BW

The Black Suit (2016 Version) – Color

The version below is the CMYK version. Like Daikazu last week, it’s brighter than I intended.

I enjoy having two different color versions without me having to do extra work (other than changing modes) so I’m posting the RGB version as well. I’ll probably continue do that for a while, until I either get bored or figure out what I’m doing that’s creating the bright versions. BlackSuit2016ColorRGB

The Black Suit (2016 Version) – Black and White

In 1990 I drew four images for the covers of a zine that never got published. This is one of them. BlackSuit1990BlackSuit2010In 2010 I scanned the first image and posted it online. At the time I decided that it would be fun to redraw the image in my contemporary style. When I posted the second version I (half jokingly) suggested that I should redraw the image every five years.

It’s 2016 and I’ve done a redraw. Only a year late. This one is intended to be colored so the shading is more minimal than the previous versions. BlackSuit2016BW